Three Reasons Why Legalizing Sports Betting Would Allow Ohio to Be a Leader in Horse Racing

The Ohio State University sports program is among the largest in the nation, with over thirty thousand students enrolled each year. The Buckeye State is also one of the most appealing gambling venues in the nation because of its massive population (11.7 Million), passionate sports lovers, and the numerous number of professional sports and college athletic teams. The city of Columbus is just three hours east of Cleveland, the state’s largest city, and is home to a large number of professional teams, from the Ohio State University sports program to the Cleveland Browns professional baseball team. In addition, there are over three hundred bars and restaurants scattered throughout the metropolitan area.

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One of the best reasons to place your wager on Ohio State football and basketball games is that the spread is usually quite large. This means that if you pick the underdog, you could easily come out on top, although you might lose more money overall if you place your bet with the favorite. The biggest point of controversy regarding Ohio State sports betting comes from the fact that the overage is not subject to the sports betting commission. Although it is illegal to operate an overage wagering account in Ohio, no one is ever prosecuted for using an illegal account. This means that if you bet on Ohio State and find out that you won, you can simply wager another amount – keeping all of the commissions and fees that would have been charged to you.

In November of 2021, Ohio State Senator Joe Schaffer proposed a bill that would have legalized sports betting in the state. The SB111 did not become a law as the House did not pass it, but it was referred to as a reintroduction bill. In January of 2021, Schaffer reintroduced the bill, but this time with a few minor revisions that have already been approved by the Senate. Because it was never passed out of committee, Schaffer hopes that the Ohio State Supreme Court will revisit the issue once again.

In June of 2021, Ohio State Representative Bobentin introduced a bill to legalize sports betting in Pennsylvania. The proposed law would make illegal poker gambling illegal in the state. Although the bill has not been passed into law, it was referred to the state’s House of Representatives for further consideration. If the House passes the bill into law, it will become the twenty-first state to legalize sports betting.

Two weeks prior to the introduction of this proposal, House Majority Leader Joseph Torchia introduced a resolution to eliminate the three-stake gaming ban in Ohio. House members voted in favor of the resolution, with one representative abstaining. The House also passed a similar resolution in May of 2021 which prohibits online gaming in the state.

The question is how this bill would legalize sports betting. Schaffer believes that it will allow legal sports betting across the state. Although he could not reveal any information on how the new legislation would work exactly, he did state that the goal is to legalize sports betting in Ohio starting in the 2021 season. According to Schaffer, once the bill is legalized in Ohio “it will help the gaming commission tremendously”.

Legalization is not the only way for Ohio to become a leader in legalized gambling. Schaffer also states that there will be more than one hundred gambling apps available by the end of next year. There are already over one hundred gambling apps currently available in Ohio, but if the state legalized sports betting and opened up all of the state’s casinos, then there would be nowhere left to hold the books. Therefore, legalizing the software would open up all of the casinos in Ohio.

Legalizing software is not the only way for Ohio to become a leader in legalized gambling. Governor John Kasich has also indicated that he wants to see legalized sports betting in Ohio. He has assigned his newly created Ohio Gaming Commission with the task of creating a framework for new laws that would allow gambling in Ohio. If the legislature agrees with the recommendations of the commission, it is expected that within two years, Ohio would have legalized sports betting licenses. Once this happens, it would allow Ohio to compete favorably with other jurisdictions around the United States that have legalized sports betting.

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