New York State Creates First-Rate Online Sports Protection Act

The New York State Assembly has just passed a bill that could launch online sports betting in New York in just decades. Although the state is many months away from taking legal sports betting related action, New York State Senator Joseph Addabbo Jr., said he anticipates the first legal sports bets to be taken down on February 13,2021 the very same day that the Super Bowl is set to take place. Although he didn’t have any information on who will be betting, if any, the new law allows anyone over the age of 18 to place sports bettors as long as they have their permission and are over the age of twenty-one. It also allows any legal resident of New York to participate in sports betting by writing a check for a specific amount of money on a monthly basis or as an electronic transaction. These laws take effect immediately in New York City and must be implemented within the legal grey area surrounding sports gambling in the New York State.

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Most major sports betting jurisdictions have some type of age restriction on betting minors. For example, the law in Nevada allows minors to wager in Las Vegas but not in New York. In other words, the legal age in New York for wagering on games involving adults is twenty-one. Although sports betting in the United States has been legalized for decades, there was a moment during the Gambling Controversy when sports betting was seriously threatened by the United States government. When the Supreme Court heard oral argument in January, the issue of sports betting was at the forefront of the discussion. Chief Justice John Roberts was clearly concerned with the direction the court was taking, and his opinion of the matter was encapsulated in a famous quote; “I’m not the greatest lawyer in the world, but I am the chief executive of the country.”

Because of the threat of UIGEA, many casinos closed their doors. One of the major concerns that lawmakers had for years was the possibility of corruption in the arena of online gambling. Lawmakers were particularly worried about the Cayman Islands, which is an international tax haven for wealthy foreigners. After the UIGEA was passed, the online gambling industry was bombarded by news reports that hundreds of corrupt politicians had been found guilty of embezzling public funds.

When the New York State legislature debated and passed the UIGEA, sports betting in the state was banned. This was not a popular decision with the New York State Assembly since a lot of the revenue from online betting would go towards the casinos and they did not want this money taken away from them. There was one however, a few Assembly members who actually voted against the ban and were subsequently overruled by the full assembly. Since the new Assembly elected freely and are now controlled by the speaker, this could change in the future.

Most recently the New York State Senate passed a bill to legalize sports betting by amending the current law. The House has already voted to pass the same bill. The goal for both houses now is to get the New York State law changes legalized across the entire country and eventually the world. The UIGEA affects only the New York State, so the federal government must approve the changes in state lines first.

In New York State there are currently eight licensed sportsbooks. Of these eight New York licensed sportsbooks only two are owned by the New York State government. The two New York State licensed sportsbooks are owned by the World Book Prize Company, which is controlled by Jon Stewart and has thus far failed to attract any major sponsors. Most recently the New York State Senate was able to override the governor’s attempt to cancel the subscription of the New York Times Group and the New York State Athletic League because the two organizations had agreed to form an exclusive sportsbook partnership. Both of these groups are considered among the more powerful sportsbooks in the New York area.

Since the signing of the2019 contract both the New York State legislature and the New York State Governor have been discussing how to expedite the adoption of the New York State Law’s new law on sports betting. One possible solution being discussed by both the politicians is having a lottery selected to host the event. With this scenario the New York State legislature would be able to pass the law using simple majority votes. This could make New York State one of the first states to legally legalize online sports betting.

Two representatives of the New York State Legislature are pushing for the passage of the amateur sports protection act. One of those representatives is Assemblyman Carl Schuster. The other is Senator Joseph Lhota. Both are supporting the idea of legalizing sports betting on line in New York. If you want to take part in the upcoming discussions it is recommended that you contact your state representative and urge them to include a provision in the upcoming amateur sports protection act that makes gambling online a felony. This will make the online gaming industry have to participate in the New York State criminal enterprise prevention act for three years.

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